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Second International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Construction

June 6

2nd International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Construction

“More and more knowledge graphs are constructed for private use, e.g., Siri, Alexa, or public use, e.g. DBpedia, Wikidata. While techniques to automatically construct KGs from existing Web objects exist (e.g., scraping Web tables), there is still room for improvement. Initially, constructing KGs from existing datasets was considered an engineering task with some ad-hoc approaches, however, scientific methods with more declarative-oriented techniques have recently emerged. In particular, several mapping languages for describing rules to construct knowledge graphs and processors to execute those rules emerged. Addressing the challenges related to KG construction requires both the investigation of theoretical concepts and the development of tools and methods for their evaluation.”

“KGC has a special focus this time on knowledge graph construction methods that involve or analyze the roles of users in these processes.”

“The workshop includes a keynote and a panel, as well as (research, in-use, experience, position, tools) paper presentations, demo jam and break-out discussions.”

“Our goal is to provide a venue for scientific discourse, systematic analysis and rigorous evaluation of languages, techniques and tools, as well as practical and applied experiences and lessons-learned for constructing knowledge graphs from academia and industry. The workshop complements and aligns with the activities of the W3C CG on KG construction.”

Co-located with ESWC 2021 (Extended Semantic Web Conference 2021).

Note: as of 14 Jan. 2021 both the Workshop and ESWC 2021 websites cite the event’s location as “online or Hersonissos, Greece”.

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Virtual (online event)