Conferences and other events about knowledge graphs, linked data and related topics

While every effort has been made to keep these listings current, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic always check the linked event site for the most up-to-date information concerning that event.

3rd Annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum

Virtual (online event)

The Data-Centric Architecture Forum (DCAF) will focus on how data-centricity improves the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and re-usability of data.

DAM and Museums

Virtual (online event)

This online event brings together members of the museums, cultural heritage and DAM (digital asset management) communities.

Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2021

Copthorne Tara Hotel Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London

Taxonomy Bootcamp London explores the use of taxomomies to drive data, content and more, at all levels.

Knowledge Graph Conference 2021

Virtual (online event)

The Knowledge Graph Conference brings together engineers, enterprise users, and academics learning and working with knowledge technologies.

ESWC 2021 (Extended Semantic Web Conference 2021)

Virtual (online event)

"The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. Building on its past success, ESWC is seeking to broaden its focus to span other relevant related research areas in which Web semantics plays an important role." "The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a […]

13th ACM Web Science Conference 2021

Virtual (online event)

The ACM Conference on Web Science 2021 is an interdisciplinary conference where a multitude of research disciplines converge with the purpose of creating a greater insight into a complex global Web.

LD4 Conference 2021 (Linked Data in Libraries 2021)

Virtual (online event)

The Linked Data in Libraries (LD4) Conference 2021 will help participants explore concrete ways that linked data benefits libraries and related institutions, and to discover pathways to participation in linked data.

SEMANTiCS Conference 2021

Meervaart Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam

SEMANTiCS Conference 2021 Amsterdam will highlight new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of linked data, semantic AI and knowledge graphs.