Conferences and other events about knowledge graphs, linked data and related topics

While every effort has been made to keep these listings current, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic always check the linked event site for the most up-to-date information concerning that event.

FOIS 2023 Online

Virtual (online event)

The FOIS 2023 conference online is a meeting point for all researchers with an interest in formal ontology.

Language Intelligence 2023 Summit (LI2023)

Hyperion Hotel Leipzig Sachsenseite 7, Leipzig

Language Intelligence 2023 will showcase the latest developments in multilingual artificial intelligence.

SEMANTiCS 2023 (19th International Conference on Semantic Systems)

Hyperion Hotel Leipzig Sachsenseite 7, Leipzig

SEMANTiCS 2023 will bring together researchers, industry experts and business leaders to explore trends and applications in the fields of machine learning, data science, linked data and natural language processing.