The Graph Lounge provides news, views and event listings related to knowledge graphs, linked data and other aspects of semantic technologies.

The site owner and primary author at The Lounge is Aaron Bradley. After sizable stints as a technical services librarian, web designer and search engine marketer, I now hold the august title of Knowledge Graph Strategist at Electronic Arts in Vancouver, Canada.

I spend altogether too much time on Twitter, and I invite you to connect with me there. The Twitter-adverse can catch up with me on LinkedIn.

Guest posts

I encourage those active in the knowledge graph realm who lack a digital home of their own to consider posting on this site: you’ll find a contact form below where you can reach out on that front.

As befits the notoriously ambiguous definition of “knowledge graph” almost any aspect of semantic technology is fair game here, but I will politely decline vendor-facing articles.

I will also decline article proposals which reference the concept “back link” or speak of providing “content” for this site. For those who have found this page through Googling “guest post”, save us both some time: if what you propose is anything but an article on a topic related to knowledge graphs about which you actually care, do not send it to me.

Event listings

The Lounge provides a calendar of knowledge graph-related events in the hopes of connecting practitioners in this field to information they can use, and to one another.

Use the second form below to suggest any relevant events I may have missed.

One small node

A common question I’m asked about knowledge graphs, especially by newcomers to the domain, is “where’s the community of practice?”

While I don’t pretend The Graph Lounge can satisfy much of this role, I hope that by dint of my own posts, those contributed by others and the event listings this site provides that I can do at least a little to foster that community.

One way or another, thanks for stopping by, and don’t hesitate to get in touch: compliments, criticisms and thoughts for improvement are all welcome.

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