Conferences and other events about knowledge graphs, linked data and related topics

While every effort has been made to keep these listings current, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic always check the linked event site for the most up-to-date information concerning that event.

Metadata Day 2020

Virtual (online event)

This meetup is the public forum where these reports from the Metaspace practitioners workshop will be presented, along with live Q&A from the audience, for metadata questions answered by a collection of industry expert practitioners.

SPARQL Query Optimization with Pavel Klinov

Virtual (online event)

Pavel Klinov will describe SPARQL evaluation semantics and some of the main algorithms used for processing SPARQL queries.


Automating Taxonomy Construction

Virtual (online event)

Dr. Janna Lipenkova will explain taxonomies, review existing methods of automatic taxonomy construction, and present a hybrid approach.

Going Virtual with Taxonomy Boot Camp London

Virtual (online event)

Organizers of Taxonomy Boot Camp London will discuss how they adapted to create a virtual event, and will probe the wider landscape of virtual events.

Introducing VocBench

Virtual (online event)

This workshop will explore VocBench, an open-source web application to build ontologies, knowledge organisation systems and lexicons

Your Personal Linked Data Graphs With Solid

Virtual (online event)

Ruben Verborg will discuss the paradigm shifts a decentralized Web brings, demonstrating that decentralization is about much more than just controlling our own data.