Conferences and other events about knowledge graphs, linked data and related topics

While every effort has been made to keep these listings current, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic always check the linked event site for the most up-to-date information concerning that event.

3rd DBpedia Stack Tutorial

Virtual (online event)

This tutorial for DBpedia developers includes information on replicating local infrastructure and the new DBpedia Stack.


Taxonomies, Knowledge Graphs, and AI

Virtual (online event)

This webinar will present a case study of a targeted content recommendation engine, along with information on the fundamental principles of taxonomy and ontology design as the backbone to the AI solution.

Ontologies in Science and Technology

Virtual (online event)

This webinar will introduce the concept of ontologies and their use in engineering sciences, catalysis and chemistry. for Research Data Managers

Virtual (online event)

This webinar will highlight current initiatives within the Research Data Management (RDM) community and the work currently being completed relating to