Conferences and other events about knowledge graphs, linked data and related topics

While every effort has been made to keep these listings current, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic always check the linked event site for the most up-to-date information concerning that event.

Graph Gurus Comes to You Workshop

(Venue in Munich, Germany) Augustenstrasse 97, Munich

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, sich bei Essen und Trinken mit Kollegen und Experten auszutauschen und sich bei einem Workshop darüber zu informieren, wie Graphdatenbanken neue Erkenntnisse zu Ihrem Arbeitsfluss liefern und den ROI steigern können.

Knowledge Graphs for Social Good (KGSG)

Virtual (online event)

The first Knowledge Graphs for Social Good workshop will explore how knowledge graphs can be used to address the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This event moved online.

Knowledge Graphs and E-Commerce

San Diego Convention Center 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego

The Knowledge Graphs and E-Commerce workshop will cover knowledge discovery and knowledge graphs, including construction, application and embeddings, primarily for e-commerce and enterprise applications.

Scientific Knowledge Graphs

Virtual (online event)

This workshop will explore innovative solutions and ideas for the production and consumption of Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs). This event moved online.

2nd DBpedia Stack Tutorial

Virtual (online event)

This tutorial is targeted for DBpedia developers that wish to learn how to replicate local infrastructure such as loading and hosting an own SPARQL endpoint.


BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2020

Virtual (online event)

The BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2020 (3rd Annu­al BIBFRAME Works­hop in Euro­pe) will bring together people working in the transition from MARC to Linked Data using the BIBFRAME model and related tools.