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Dan Brickley announced today on the Schema Blog that version 6.0 has been released.

This is the first release since the summer of 2019 that includes any notable changes to the core vocabulary (as opposed to development in the pending section), although the bulk of these changes consist of things like domain and range extensions rather than new vocabulary per se.

The full release notes can be found here; below you’ll find some highlights of theis release.

Core vocabulary changes

Changes to pending section

  • Addition of the properties physicalRequirement, sensoryRequirement and securityClearanceRequirement to JobPosting, in addition to properties added “to provide more information about the employer in JobPosting.”
  • A number of improvements around real estate and accomodation, including new properties like accomodationFloorPlan, numberOfFullBathrooms and yearBuilt.
  • A number of new properties to EducationalOccupationalProgram “to help represent information for determining how long a program typically takes, when terms typically run, and when applications are accepted.”
  • Changes to the (much-anticipated) Schedule type (which “defines a repeating time period used to describe a regularly occurring Event“), including the addition of the duration property.
  • Addition of the new CreativeWork type Guide, “page or article that recommend specific products or services, or aspects of a thing for a user to consider,” such as a buying guide or product guide. Items in a Guide may be ranked.
  • Addition of the new CreativeWork type Recommendation (a subtype of Review), “that suggests or proposes something as the best option or best course of action.” A Guide (described above) “may list multiple recommendations for different categories.”
  • Addition of the new DataType (a subtype of Text) PronounceableText, “enabling phonetic markup of text values.”

Those are the highlights, in my opinion – again, the full release notes (which link to their issues in Github) can be found here.

Aaron Bradley

Aaron Bradley is Senior Structured Content Architect at Telus Digital, and chief cook and bottle washer at The Graph Lounge.

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