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It’s a new decade, and to ring it in I’m launching this new website, The Graph Lounge.

This is a new digital home for yours truly. From 2009 until today I’ve blogged on my first site, SEO Skeptic. As noted in my farewell post there, I no longer work in the search marketing field so the time has come for me to forge a new site under a new domain.

(It’s also a great opportunity to leave behind all the technical baggage I’ve accumulated over ten years of blogging and start afresh with a clean WordPress install.:)

I won’t repeat here what you’ll find on the “about” page, but I will express my excitement to be finally launching a new site that better reflects my work in (and passion for) the world of knowledge engineering.

There’s still a bug or two I need to work out, and some future improvements I’d like to make to the site, but if I delay any further the first knowledge graph events in the listings will have passed, so … onward and upward!

With that I can only say goodbye to SEO Skeptic and hello to The Graph Lounge. I hope you find what ends up being posted here worth reading, and if not I encourage you to consider submitting a guest post to pick up the slack.

So grab a beverage, settle into a chair and enjoy: The Lounge is open.

Aaron Bradley

Aaron Bradley is Senior Structured Content Architect at Telus Digital, and chief cook and bottle washer at The Graph Lounge.

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